8/9 july 2017 - ICC GENT


A new convention especially for the fans, cosplayers and collectors. Our goal is to organise an event where people can take a breath, relax, and just have a great fun day while cratedigging for comics, enjoying some good food,  looking to find your favourite toy, gadget or shirt, talking to collectors who share the same passion,... – and all of this with an excellent drink in your hand. 

It'll be a child friendly event, you'll have the time to think about your purchase, bump into some old friends and enjoy the sideshows. So, to be perfectly clear, the 'com' in Starcom doesn't just stand for comics, it also stands for communication, because the entire event is about you and the fun experience you can have.

We like being small, we like being the odd kid out.

So, let's have a great time and find that one piece you were looking for!


We hope to see you there! 


Starcom. Not your typical convention.



Confusion, confusion, confusion... 

Comic Con Gent or Starcom this year? The answer is simple, but you have to know it of course! So here it is :

All our quirky and "Not So Typical" acts on the program will be in the new special hall on our Starcom Stage (this is Starcom) and all the rest will be Comic Con Gent. 

So, you can have a nice day out with the kids and family relaxing at Comic Con Gent on a sunny sunday afternoon. OR you can rock out and have a good laugh at the crazy Starcom Stage. OR even better : Do both! And all that with the same ticket. 

You don't have to listen or watch our podcast, comedy, electro music, hip-hop, filmdubs, burlesque, Star Wars themes, Q&A's : But it's just too fun not to.