Michael Biehn

We’re immensely proud to announce our next guest. He’s best known for his time-travelling leading role of Kyle Reese, John Connor’s father, in one of Hollywood’s biggest science-fiction movies ever : The Terminator, where he hunts The Terminator(Arnold Schwarzenegger) to annihilate him! We’re of course talking about MICHAEL BIEHN(USA)! After his success of The Terminator the bond with Oscar winning director James Cameron became stronger and he starred in another couple of his hit movies as he became one of Cameron’s favourite actors. In Aliens, he stars as Corporal Hicks at the side of Ellen Ripley(Sigourney Weaver) and fights Aliens alongside with her and at the end he’s the only human survivor of Ripley’s team. He also starred in The Abyss where he plays the unstable Navy SEAL officer Lt. Hiram Coffey. But Biehn has a lot more on his impressive palmares : K2, Tombstone, Michael Bay’s The Rock, Clockstoppers, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, … Be sure to come and meet him at Comic Con Gent 2017!

Autograph price : €30
Photoshoot price : €30
Autograph + Photoshoot : € 50
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Stanislav Yanevski

Hold on to your brooms, because we’re announcing yet another fantastic guest today! The Durmstrang Champion, arguably the world’s best Seeker and Hermione’s first love interest… We’re of course talking about Stanislav Yanevski(BUL) aka Viktor Krum, the famous Bulgarian Seeker and Champion in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! He was chosen from 650 other people who auditioned for the part. He was a dark and mysterious character in the movies, but had a lot of sympathy from his numerous fans for his Quidditch accomplishments. Gathering all his courage he even asked Hermione out to the Yule Ball and even though he has a quiet and reserved exterior Hermione later on said he was a genuinely nice person and a gentleman.
He also starred in Hostel: Part II by Quentin Tarantino’s protégé Eli Roth. He’ll be a guest at Comic Con Gent 2017 and will be available for autographs and photoshoots.

Autograph price : €25
Photoshoot price : €30
Autograph+Photoshoot : € 50
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Tim Rose

“IT’S A TRAP!” is what our next guest’s most famous quote is. We’re of course talking about Tim Rose(UK) aka the legendary Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars : Return of the Jedi and Star Wars : The Force Awakens. Not only did he portray Admiral Ackbar in these classics, he also puppeteered the characters Sy Snootles and Salacious Crumb. He’s also famous for puppeteering Howard The Duck in Howard The Duck and The Treasurer in the George Lucas cult classic The Dark Crystal.

Autograph price : €20
Photoshoot price : €25
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Ian McElhinney

Our next guest is best know for his iconic roles of Barristan Selmy in Game Of Thrones and as General Dodonna in Rogue One : A Star Wars Story. We are of course talking about Ian McElhinney(UK)! In Game Of Thrones he played the role of the hero and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Barristan Selmy and, after being dismissed by Cersei, one of the advisers of Khaleesi Daenerys! He’s one of our guests at Comic Con Gent!

Autograph price : € 20
Photoshoot price : € 25
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John Coppinger, Richard Padbury, Toby Philpott (Jabba The Hutt Reunion)

When you think about Star Wars you think about lightsabers, great sets, sexy slave princesses and one heck of a big fat spaceslug called Jabba The Hutt. To celebrate the 40 years of Star Wars and May the 4th we have another special announcement! We invited Jabba The Hutt to Comic Con Gent! We are of course talking about the three puppeteers : John Coppinger(Jabba’s sculptor and Eyes), Toby Philpott(Jabba’s left arm, head and tongue) and Richard Padbury(Smoke effects). Talking about a Jabba Reunion : We announced Tim Rose earlier which is of course best known for his role as Admiral Ackbar, but did you know he’s also the puppeteer for Salacious Crumb(Jabba’s little monkey friend)? A Jabba The Hutt reunion in true Comic Con Gent style!

Autograph price : John Coppinger – € 15 ; Richard Padbury – € 15 ; Toby Philpott – € 15
Photoshoot price : John Coppinger € 20 ; Richard Padbury – € 20 ; Toby Philpott € 20
Group photoshoot Jabba The Hutt Reunion/The Dark Crystal Reunion shoot(John Coppinger, Toby Philpott, Andy Herd, Tim Dry, Sean Crawford, Peter Ross, Simon J. Williamson, Mike Edmonds) : € 100
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Roger Christian

What do all people think about when someone says Star Wars? Lightsabers! To celebrate the 40 years of Star Wars on this official Star Wars Day we invited a legendary guest to Comic Con Gent. He created at least 2 of the things most people think about when thinking of Star Wars and had a very important role in the creation of the Star Wars Universe as we know it today. We are of course talking about the Oscar Winner Roger Christian(CAN)! George Lucas on a tight budget asked his close friend and artist Roger Christian if he would be able to design the weapons and worlds he had in his head for the first Star Wars film. In true visionary and creative style, Roger went on to use scrap parts with the low budget he had for George’s film and created props and even entire sets for the Star Wars universe. In this process he invented the legendary Lightsaber and so much more. He did such a great and memorable job for Star Wars: A New Hope that he received an Oscar for his accomplishments that year (and years later he was even nominated again for an Oscar for his work on Alien).

Autograph price : € 20
Photoshoot price : € 20
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Hugh Mitchell

Our next guest is most known from his role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We are proud to announce Hugh Mitchell aka Colin Creevey, the boy who took photographs of all the memorable people at Hogwarts and got Petrified by the Basilisk! Hugh Mitchell also played the role of young Silas, the albino numerary in the movie The Da Vinci Code. He’ll be a guest at Comic Con Gent 2017!

Autograph price : € 20
Photoshoot price : € 25
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Simon Fisher-Becker

“Give it to me straight Doctor! How bad are my injuries?” he asked the Doctor in the legendary Doctor Who series. We are so proud to announce our next guest : Simon Fisher-Becker(UK) also known as Dorium Maldovar, the blue-skinned black marketeer that went to war with the Eleventh Doctor(Matt Smith) and was beheaded later on. Simon is also known for his role as the Fat Friar in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and for his many theater roles. He will be a guest at Comic Con Gent 2017 and will perform his show “My Dalek Has A Puncture!” as well as a Q&A on both days!

Autograph price : € 20
Photoshoot price : € 25
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Simon J. Williamson

We all definately danced to the tunes of the character that our next guest famously played : Simon J. Williamson(UK) also known as Max Rebo of the legendary Max Rebo Band in Star Wars : Return Of The Jedi! But that wasn’t his only role : In the eighties Simon was one of the leading puppeteers in the UK and he was working closely with Jim Henson(The Dark Crystal) and George Lucas himself! He had a list long of roles in Star Wars starting with Max Rebo but also the Gamorrean guard Jubnuk that gets eaten by the Rancor, a Mon Calamari and he assisted in Nein Nunb’s facial puppeteering! He also puppeteered in The Dark Crystal and in 3 Muppet movies! Meet him at Comic Con Gent 2017!

Autograph price : € 20
Photoshoot price : € 20
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Jennifer Blanc-Biehn

We are so excited to announce that Jennifer Blanc Biehn, Michael Biehn’s very talented wife, will also be a guest at Comic Con Gent 2017 alongside Michael.
Jennifer is best known for her roles in James Cameron’s Dark Angel, CSI, Grace under fire, Party of Five, and Always sunny in Philadelphia, in addition, she has been involved in many projects with her partner and fellow guest, Michael. The duo made a movie together which Michael directed in China called, The Blood Bond (2010). Their other projects include Injustice (2011),and The Ride (1997). Jennifer also made an appearance in The Divide (2011), with partner Michael Biehn, and produced a film called The Victim (2011).

Autograph price : €
Photoshoot price : € 25
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Tim Dry & Sean Crawford

Tik and Tok & Yakface and J’Quille : Best friends for life! Just like our next guests : Tim Dry & Sean Crawford. Hanging around in Jabba’s palace, chillaxing, partying in the Tattooine skiff(sometimes without Jabba), eating and drinking on Jabba’s money and getting those bounties. J’Quille was Jabba’s bounty hunter and Yakface was a member of Jabba’s gang. Not only did they appear as best buddies in Star Wars : Return of the Jedi, they also appeared in the cult classic Xtro together and had a lengthy career as the robotic mime duo Tik&Tok. Come and meet them at Comic Con Gent 2017.

Autograph price : Tim Dry – € 15 ; Sean Crawford – € 15
Photoshoot price : Tim Dry – € 20 ; Sean Crawford – € 20
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John Simpkin

It’s Star Wars’ 40th birthday and as you may have noticed, it doesn’t go unnoticed at Comic Con Gent. To celebrate, we’re announcing yet another unique guest : John Simpkin(UK) also known as Skiff Guard Klaatu from Star Wars : Return Of The Jedi! Not only did he also play a Stormtrooper in the famous “You Rebel Scum” scene, John’s career spans over decades! He appeared in James Bond : For Your Eyes Only, Flash Gordon, Superman, Supergirl, The Legend, … and so many more! Come and meet him at Comic Con Gent 2017!


Stephen B Scott

Stephen B. Scott(USA) is a Comic Book artist who illustrated so many good titles, it’s almost impossible to sum them all up, but here’s quite an impressive selection : Batman, X-Men Forever, Batman Confidential, Marvel Adventures Hulk and many more. Having worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and Titan Comics he’s got an impressive track record! Stephen was selected by Christopher Nolan to draw the only adaptation to the Oscar winning film Batman the Dark Knight. To top it all off, that same year, George Lucas approved him to be the artist for Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods. Much of the art from the series was purchased by Mr. Lucas himself and is now part of his permanent collection. Wow, impressive!


Lectrr is a Belgian cartoonist, columnist and comic artist. In the late 90’s, Lectrr debuted on the internet with a daily cartoon. His work was greatly appreciated and soon he made cartoons for P-Magazine, Maxim, Menzo, Humo, … He is especially famous for his own Hara Kiwi series.

Patrick Cornelis

Patrick Cornelis brings a remarkable debut: Primary Infection is the first part of “Virus”, a new comic in which he stars as the lead hero and takes it on against Zombies. He released the comic in own distribution and presents “Virus” to the audience of Comic Con Gent!


Viki’s Cosplayology

Viki is not a stranger to the convention world and you’ll surely recognize her from her amazing cosplays, but did you know she also gives some really interesting panels? Well, on Comic Con Gent 2017 you’ll be able to experience one first hand : She’ll teach you all the tips and tricks on how to paint your own armor and props in her Armor Painting panel!

Pale Painter

Palepainter is a Belgian cosplayer known for her Harley Quinn cosplays and Comic Con commercials and aftermovies! She is immensely creative and can transfigure to almost any character! Come and meet her and take a photo on Comic Con Gent!

Draw me a Cosplay

Draw Me A Cosplay is a Belgian cosplayer since 2011. She was a finalist at Comic Con Brussels and Starcom in the cosplay contest. She works with her mom, her boyfriend (Setheal) and makes all her cosplays with simple materials and she’s a pro in propbuilding. Come meet her on Comic Con Gent!

Miss blue costume

Miss Blue Costumes has been a Belgian cosplayer since 2011 and has already cosplayed many well-known characters very successfully. Her most famous and most prominent cosplay is her version of Supergirl! Come meet her on Comic Con Gent!


Chaos Controllers

Chaos Controllers(BE) are a pair of fakebit posers here to spoil your local chipscene(their words!).
Robin Neefs and Sanne Werkers aim to fuse the sound of 8bit with more modern sounds, in order to create a full-blown party atmosphere with a touch of nostalgia.
Using not only emulated chipsounds, but also blatantly stolen videogame samples and hi-quality drums, they explore the twilight zone between chiptune, drum n bass, core, dub, dubstep and much more!


If you like hip hop, AMAZUMI, one of the 8 finalists of Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting 2017, is definitely an act to check! According to herself, “Your foreign girl-next-by who spits phat rhymes”.

Felix Fizzle Felle

Felix improvises his texts on the spot as we brush our teeth: thoroughly and varied! Have fun with this octopus with the simplicity of a fishy. In short : You provide the input, Mister FelixFizzlFelle takes care of the output!