Jaleel White(USA)

We’re immensely proud to announce our next guest. He’s best known for his world famous classic nineties polka-loving geek role of STEVE URKEL in Family Matters : Jaleel White(USA). The character was supposed to be a one-time guest appearance, but he became an instant hit with audiences and Jaleel White became a regular cast member. Come and meet him at Comic Con Gent where he will be doing autograph sessions all day and photoshoot sessions.

Did I Do That?!

Carla Perez(USA)

We’re so happy to announce our next guest : Carla Perez(USA). Carla is best know for her role as the evil witch RITA REPULSA, the archenemy of the Power Rangers in the Power Ranger series! She will be present at Comic Con Gent where she will be doing autograph sessions (all day long) and photoshoots.


Patrick Cornelis

Patrick Cornelis brings a remarkable debut: Primary Infection is the first part of “Virus”, a new comic in which he stars as the lead hero and takes it on against Zombies. He released the comic in own distribution and presents “Virus” to the audience of Comic Con Gent!


Joo Skellington(MEX)

Joo Skellington is a Mexican Special FX cosplayer who’s world famous! He’s incredibly famous because of his impressive special effects cosplays. Come and meet him at Comic Con Gent!