no real weapons
no pets
no swords
no guns
toys allowed
piepschuim toegelaten
hout toegelaten
karton toegelaten

Weapon Rules

To ensure safety and to ensure that everyone can visit in a peaceful manner Comic Con Gent, the Gent police informs them below. Please respect this information.

  • Both “realistic” imitation weapons and fake swords and katanas in steel are forbidden on the street, in the subway, inside and outside the zone of ICC. All “realistic” imitation weapons and / or weapons in steel can be immediately seized; both in the bus, train, on the street, and out and in ICC.
  • Any counterfeit or katana sword that is purchased at the fair Comic Con Gent, should remain in its original packaging. Purchased swords and katanas must remain in their carton until home. An exhibitor wants to sell you an item without box? Do not take it. Indeed, the probability exists that it is immediately seized as soon as you leave ICC, or later, on the street or in the bus or train.
  • Anyone who has a “realistic” military costume or comes dressed up, ,needs a “presale” ticket for Comic Con Gent to justify the costume. Please do not wear the costume outside the convention.
  • Masks concealing parts of the face or the whole face, are prohibited in the subway, on the street and out of ICC. However, it is no problem, after checking at the entrance, to wear a mask at Comic Con Gent.
  • In Comic Con itself it is allowed to wear masks and be fully in cosplay.
  • Within Comic Con Gent you can use all the authorized props and costumes, but transport everything in sealed bags until the convention itself. This is to prevent any misunderstanding.
  • Show respect for each other and show understanding for this question of the police because, after all anyone outside of the convention maybe doesn’t know what cosplay is or don’t even know what Comic Con is and it’s not the idea that we get people to worry.
  • At Comic Con Gent always be kind and respectful!