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Starcom Stage


Geek Comedy

Comedy has always been important in comics. That’s why we’re bringing the comedy back to Comic Con! These geeky comedians will come to entertain you with comedy sets that fit in the geeky theme of Comic Con!

Super Russian Roulette

We got our hands on one of the most fun NES Kickstarter projects EVER. Super Russian Roulette is a game where you and your friends can compete eachother and a foulmouthed cowboy in a game of Russian Roulette on the original Nintendo NES. Come and play this great game and have a great laugh!

Comic Con Karaoke

We’ve all been caught singing “Let it go” in traffic or in the shower sometimes. Now is your chance to have a shot at singing all your favourite Manga,Anime,Cartoon, Movie, … classics(and more) and get the party started! It’s OK if you can’t sing, it’s karaoke!

Cosplay Cloud Group Photo

It’s a tradition and we love good traditions, so this year our partners at Cosplay Cloud are organizing their annual Cosplay Cloud group Photo at Comic Con Gent again! Be sure to be there and be a part of this huge celebration of cosplay!

High Speed Speeddating
We are a social con, you know that right? On our Speeddating for Geeks activity you’ll get to know people, talk about common interests and make new friends! The Speeddating part is fun and fast and will be hosted by our hosts Date & Geeks! This is a take on the traditional speeddating, because we are cranking up the speed to highspeed. So you’ll have to speak in keywords, drawings, … Anything that goes fast! All that with a wink of course!

Chaos Controllers
Chaos Controllers(BE) are a pair of fakebit posers here to spoil your local chipscene(their words!).
Robin Neefs and Sanne Werkers aim to fuse the sound of 8bit with more modern sounds, in order to create a full-blown party atmosphere with a touch of nostalgia.
Using not only emulated chipsounds, but also blatantly stolen videogame samples and hi-quality drums, they explore the twilight zone between chiptune, drum n bass, core, dub, dubstep and much more!